Are you a Spiritual Babe Who LOVES

Connecting with All Things DIVINE?

But sometimes finds ‘life’ gets in the way & you end up out of synch with your Soul?

You know the story. Some days we let counting our blessings slide, lose sight of meaningful mini ‘wins’, or skip meditating when we’re feeling weighed down and stressed. 

Fact is: We’ve all let our spiritual practices fall to the wayside precisely when we’ve needed to feel the strength & support of our own Spirit the most.

What you need is a fresh approach to help you tap into your trusty inner guidance system on-the-daily WITHOUT taking huge chunks out of your schedule to do it…

Your Soul in Bloom: 

10 Peace-filled Practices for Staying Centered in Your Soul 24-7

Inside your FREE ebook are 10 magical morning and evening rituals guaranteed to take the fuss out of finding time for your spiritual practice.

You’ll find the simple suggestions and tips easily slot into your daily routine and make tuning into your Soul’s loving guidance a breeze!

You’ll also receive a special invitation to join the transformative Soul Sparks Sisterhood Facebook community, plus updates + a monthly newsletter right from me, right into your inbox! #winning

Here’s what some sparkling Souls (who I’m blessed to call my clients) have to say:

“I recommend Anna-Claire because she doesn’t give what you think you want, she gives what you need -  and sometimes we don’t know the difference. I love the fact that Anna-Claire can see through to your Soul, and give you insightful information about yourself that you didn’t know was there. She brings Light into your life. Working with her totally changed me. I was able to get to know myself a lot better.”

Sara Neves de Sousa, Penafiel, Portugal

“I discovered so much about the challenges I had (and was) facing, and gained more insight into my purpose than I have in many days of self-development training. I feel significantly better equipped to make decisions about my future.”

Ann-Marie Mayling, London, United Kingdom

“I have a much better understanding now of why certain things have happened the way they have and it feels great to know that what I am doing work-wise is already in alignment with my Soul’s core essence. I have a much more positive outlook for the future and feel more balanced and connected. I definitely trust myself more.”

Melanie Eliseit, Germany

“I now have a light-hearted, easy-going approach to life due to my new level of awareness of my karmic blocks and repetitive thought patterns. I recently made a difficult decision with ease and confidence which usually would’ve created fear and doubt in my mind. I feel more connected and my spiritual growth has skyrocketed!”

Teresa Meyer, Perth, Western Australia

“Anna-Claire has a gift of empathy, and an ability to relate to others on deep emotional/mental levels while keeping everything grounded in the present moment. I recommend working with her to anyone who is desperately searching for the light to illuminate their lives. Anna-Claire is that Light to help you find yours, again.”

Veronika Vojtova, United Kingdom

“The gems of information Anna-Claire gives you might not make sense right away, so my advice is to hold space for the insights to emerge and just go where your heart and imagination lead you. Then you will have these great “A-HAH!” moments when parts of your life start to make perfect sense!”

Z. Lynn Robinson, Washington State, USA

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