Now, it’s no secret I’m a massive animal lover:

I have a little Pug, Daisy-May, and she’s the apple of my eye 🍏

The other thing about me is that I used to suffer from Chronic Anxiety (with a capital ‘C’ & a capital ‘A’).

I’m talking about the kind of anxiety that convinces you if you leave the house something REALLY BAD is going to happen. Or even - if you do manage to brave the world outside, you experience the kind of self-induced terror that has you quietly freaking out cos you’re wondering if you left the iron on… and will return home to find it burnt to the ground?

You know: the kind of chronic anxiety that renders you a quivering, nervous wreck, and reaching for the Rescue Remedy - on the daily.

Truth is: Discovering and then practicing mindfulness was what saved me from continuing my pattern of anxiety into my 30’s, but I’d be lying if I said I’ve reached Dalai Lama status mindfulness even to this day. As a result, when I get stressed or forget to stay present in the ‘now’ moment’, I am prone to becoming anxious.

(Mindfulness - just in case you’re not familiar - involves a continual process of remembering to be present-centred in your awareness, then forgetting to be present-centered, and remembering again - ad infinitum). 

So what does me being an animal lover, and having a history of chronic anxiety that to this day gets triggered when I am overwhelmed or stressed have to do with Facebook and the ebook you might ask?

Well - by mindlessly exposing myself to content on FB (that I had no way of preventing until after I’ve already seen it and could then delete or unfollow the person posting it) - I was opening up my energy field to two things that can literally derail me, knock me off centre and send me into an anxious fit, namely: the energies of conflict and animal abuse.

There was this one particular image of animal abuse that literally burned itself into my mind.

I could feel my system being flooded with adrenaline, cortisol and all those stressy hormones guaranteed to lower your immune system, and make you feel like crap, and the image - well let’s just say - it haunted me. On a loop. If you’ve ever experienced this kind of thing - or suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (or other variants), you’ll know it feels scary AF!

The image shocked me so strongly that I dropped my phone and then acted quickly to ‘unfollow’ the posts from the friend who had shared it (I am sure with the best and most wholesome of intentions). The thing is you see - that kind of stuff traumatizes me.

I can’t handle it. Props to people who can, but that’s not me. I support many different animal charities, and I certainly to do my bit - but absorbing graphic images of insane cruelty into my finely honed system isn’t aligned with my Soul. At all.

So what was I to do? The only thing I could do - I got real with myself, recognized that I had allowed myself to become very distracted, and had (temporarily) become disconnected from the peace and solace of my Divine Soul. #notaniceplacetobe

I took control, and decided not to expend huge amounts of time, and energy to a ‘virtual’ space (no matter how many cute Pug pics it gave me access to), and commit to a ‘Digital Curfew’ as a part of my spiritual practice.

The Digital Curfew is simple: You make a conscious choice to *completely* unplug from technology and social media. Every. Night. No exceptions.

Now, each night, after dinner, I make sure I turn my mobile device off, and stay off my computer too. Nothing is more important than giving myself the gift of unplugging from the interweb, and limiting my exposure to content that runs the risk of threatening to unsettle my energy field.

The moral of the story is this:

  • Protecting my energy is my number one priority
  • Being mindful of where I’m leaking energy is now a daily devotion
  • When I’m conscious of how I’m spending my energy reserves each day, I have more time to focus on what’s important to me and I don’t find myself getting burnt out or overwhelmed

It really does pay to be disciplined when it comes to how we use social media, especially if we’re online a lot for our work.

So how’s your social media usage shaping up these days? Would you benefit from The Digital Curfew, and other simple Soul-inspired mini-rituals to help you stay on track throughout the day?

If your answer is a resounding ‘Hell Yeah!’, (and you haven’t already signed up), you may want to pop on over here and sign up for your Free copy of Your Soul in Bloom: 10 Peace-filled Practices for Staying Centered in Your Soul 24/7.



(BTW, I still use FB, but mostly for my biz and our sweet Soul Sparks Sisterhood FB group (have you joined yet? Click here if you’re feelin’ it). I’ve actually migrated over to Instagram (the vibe over there is much more my style. Here’s that link).










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